Foundational ideas

This is a page where I collect ideas that have been foundational in my thinking. It’s ideas to which I reference from time to time. Things that come up when I am thinking of new ways to look at new problems. The goal of this page is to revisit these resources from time to time and to share these ideas with the world.

I’ve put my own observations behind the link to the resource.


Ideas that help me think

  • 📼 Everything is a remix – As humans we are dependent on every other human before us to come up with the best ideas. Scolding copies when you are being copied is counter productive.
  • 📼 Is Anything Worth Maximizing – About metrics that we optimize as a society, and whether they give us the outcomes that we want.
  • 📄 The cook and the chef – Decision making framework on when to follow a recipe by society (cook) or when to determine your own recipe (chef).
  • 📄 Why it feels like everything is a trade-off – Only trade-offs exist AND some solutions are better than others. Making good decisions is about managing metrics AND discarding strictly worse solutions.