Great Software

Creating software that solves real world problems is what I do. Communicating about those solutions is what I love. Humans are more important than software.

It is my belief that people’s lives can be improved tremendously by creating the right software.



Project Lead

 Lead your product team both on a human and technical level.


Coaching & Teaching

In one on one sessions or in presentations I level up your team.


Software Engineering

Build a product from scratch, or modernize an existing codebase.

“You’re so busy going from a to z that you forget there are 24 letters in between”

Latest articles

The software metaphor

The software metaphor

Dec 1, 2021

A good senior Software Engineer fullfills the roles of a writer, an engineer and a gardener. What are these metaphors…

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Let's talk. I believe deep work is better work. Consequently, I have some slots for calling so the rest of the week is left for deep work.

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