Walking the Nijmegen Marches

After walking for 4 days straight, I finally reached Nijmegen using the famous Via Gladiola. I walked 200 kilometers in total. I didn’t realize exactly how much this is until I actually walked them.

But alas, I did it:

In the background you can see some gladioli, this is the traditional reward we get for finishing the 4-day marches.

I want to thank Omar for walking and training with me for this whole journey.

I want to thank my girlfriend for the amazing support. She cooked, cared and punctured my blisters. She is amazing.

And I want to thank Yoast for the support they gave alongside the route in Wijchen and for sponsoring our t-shirts and signup fee.

Without these awesome supporters, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Or without all the supporters alongside the route.

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