Currently at WordCamp Antwerp

I am currently volunteering at the first Belgian WordCamp ever: WordCamp Antwerp. This morning I’ve been at the registration desk where attendees helped me find their batch, on which I greeted them with a smile and pointed them to the location they could get coffee. The volunteer shirts are really nice and stand out from the crowd. “Just ask someone in a yellow shirt if you have any questions” was said a ton during the registration.

The whole morning I spend watching te camera equipment in the main room and made sure the audio was working. It is weird hearing the talk live in one ear and hearing it recorded by a microphone in the other.

There is a sense of amazement in me when someone thanks me for volunteering. I don’t think it is that special, but it is a way to give back to the community. The best way to respond is probably to say “Thank you” and leave it at that, but that leaves slightly guilty.

Tomorrow will be my first WordCamp talk and the nerves have really begun now. I am free on the volunteers schedule and that gives room in my head for nerves. I’ll probably do fine as all my colleagues have been saying all week and even today. Let’s do some final preparations so I am totally ready.

👋🏻 from WordCamp Antwerp!

WordCamp Antwerp registration desk
Photo by Jip Moors

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